Oral Surgery

Do You Suffer from a Toothache?

Extractions and root canal treatments can help reduce your pain and give you your smile back – and a great reason to smile. Learn more about our oral surgery solutions:

  • Root Canal Treatments are relatively comfortable and can help you keep your smile natural by saving your tooth instead of having it extracted. A root canal is necessary if a tooth’s root becomes infected and the pulp needs to be removed in order to prevent further infection or the infection spreading to other teeth.
  • Wisdom Tooth Extractions are a special type of tooth extraction that involves the third molars, known as the wisdom teeth, which may become impacted or erupt crookedly at around age 18-25. Wisdom teeth are generally extracted to avoid complications involving your other teeth such as misalignment.


Any toothache is a bad toothache and could be a sign of infection or an abscess. Contact Willow Dental Care Abbotsford if you’re experiencing a toothache as soon as possible.





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