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Oral health care has been linked to general health care. Protect the health of your teeth and your whole body through oral health care solutions available at Willow Dental Care Abbotsford.

  • Digital X-rays are environmentally-friendly and utilize up to 80% less radiation when compared to traditional x-rays. Plus, digital X-rays are stored digitally and easy to access.
  • Customized Hygiene appointments help you identify any concerns in your smile and any gaps in your oral health routine.
  • Intraoral Camera photographs show you your smile in fantastic detail and help explain procedures done on your teeth, plus intraoral camera photographs are generally submitted to insurance claims.
  • VELscope Oral Cancer Screenings help in the prevention and early treatment of oral cancer, a disease that’s difficult to detect in its early stages without the use of blue-light VELscope technology. Exams are non-invasive, quick but thorough.
  • Dental Sealants offer you additional protection against cavities by sealing the grooves in your teeth that attract cavity-causing bacteria.
  • Sport Mouth Guards help protect your winning smile and may even enhance your performance by inhibiting jaw clenching. Did you know the majority of injuries sustained during sports are teeth/tongue injuries?

If you have any questions about any of our oral health care solutions or if you would like to book a checkup or appointment, please get in touch with our helpful staff.

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