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Give Yourself a Good Reason to Smile

A clean mouth is a healthy mouth, and there is certainly nothing more appealing than a winning smile, but there are more benefits of oral health than just mere aesthetics. Research has shown that good oral hygiene has a lot of benefits beyond your appearance.  Having good oral health can give you all the more reason to smile.

Prevention is always the best cure for any dental issue. Brushing and flossing regularly can help you avoid future dental work and keep your smile as natural as possible.

Good oral hygiene is also important for your overall health as well. Years ago, no one knew about the connection between a clean mouth and one’s health and quality of life. However, research has now shown the benefits of oral health to a person’s well-being. For example, illnesses such as diabetes can be linked to poor oral health. Because of this, the need for good oral care cannot be emphasized enough.

One of the more obvious benefits of oral health is that it gives you a sense of self-esteem and confidence, but one of the more surprising benefits of oral health is that it might help boost and improve your memory. Studies have shown that adults who suffer from gingivitis performed poorly on tests that dealt with memory and other cognitive skills, while those with healthy teeth and gums performed better on the same tests.

A great smile and a healthy body are a great reason to smile, so if you’ve been neglecting your oral health care, contact Abbotsford Family Dental for a regular checkup.

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