Toothbrush Confidential

A Kissable Mouth?

Do you have Periodontal Disease and don’t know? Sometimes people also will hear about “gum disease” or Gingivitis.  It is a small item often missed and also misunderstood.  What is it really?  Periodontal Disease or Gingivitis is gum disease.   A very severe form of Gingivitis is called Anug or Acute Necrotizing Ulcerative Gingivitis.  At this […]


Don’t Let Your Dental Plan Go to Waste!

Truth: 95% of dental plans financial limits end December 31st. What does this mean to you? It means that you may be missing out. You may be missing a year of benefits that you could have used up. If you have a few treatments scheduled, getting some completed in 2015 means that there will be […]


Willow Abbotsford Roc!

We have great news to share with you! Willow Abbotsford has been chosen as the recipient of the annual URoc Award, awarded by the Abbotsford Youth Commission. For the past 13 years, selected individuals, businesses, and organizations have been given the URoc award for their contributions to the community with regard to Respect Responsibility Integrity […]


The How of Habits

We are what we repeatedly do. “_Excellence then, is not an act, but a habit_”. – Aristotle Habits happen. Good or bad we get the habit of a thought, an exercise or an experience and we tend to repeat that experience. Whether it’s falling asleep without brushing our teeth, doing yoga every morning or looking […]


To Gargle or Not to Gargle

Is your mouth kissable or should you take out the mouthwash? It feels great and is a lovely finisher to your evening bathroom ritual, but do you need it? According to Heidi, one of our best hygienists, the big thing to remember is that mouthwash will not remove plaque. It might feel great, but only […]


Give Yourself a Good Reason to Smile

A clean mouth is a healthy mouth, and there is certainly nothing more appealing than a winning smile, but there are more benefits of oral health than just mere aesthetics. Research has shown that good oral hygiene has a lot of benefits beyond your appearance.  Having good oral health can give you all the more […]


Tooth whitening: in-office or at-home?

Tooth whitening or tooth bleaching is definitely one of the most common or the most easily available cosmetic improvement you can make to your teeth. Brighter, whiter teeth give the impression of good dental hygiene and health and make a fantastic first impression! If you’re considering tooth whitening, you may be wondering if you should […]

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